Kung Fu & Zen Retreat

Escape the noisy city and hide yourself away in a village at the foot of the mountain of Changping Beijing.

Experience the essence of Shaolin Kungfu while pursuing your inner peace through Zen meditation.

Inspire your innate wisdom through the study of ancient Chinese philosophy.

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An American journalist  Sascha Matuszak made a interview of Xingxi and wrote an artical for "FIGHTLAND": ................ Because Xingxi is one of the very few kungfu masters who has grasped the power of MMA, and has declared his intent to enter the ring and represent Chinese kungfu. “Most masters think too much,” Xingxi explained over afternoon tea. “They worry that they will be embarrassed. I don’t think too much about that. MMA is exciting, it is new and full of vigor. I think it is up to us, the men and women representing kungfu, to enter this world and prove that we can to see all

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"Shaolin Kung Fu & Zen" 7 Days Retreat, Beijing China.