About the Academy

Founded in 2004, Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Academy reminds dedicated to teaching the  original internal and external Shaolin cultures – a lifestyle comprised of the Chan’, meditation, combat skill practice, and a healthy diet.  In addition to the learning of the essence of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu – “Chan Wu”(Zen Martial arts) – we have designed several retreat programs consisting of experts to give talks on Chinese culture. These talks will cover Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism in order to provide students with a deeper understanding of the philosophical foundations of their practices and of Chinese culture.

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14 Days Summer Kung Fu & Zen Retreat in Bailu mountain Zhejiang China Escape the noisy city and hide yourself away in a holy mountain in Southern China. Experience the essence of Shaolin Kungfu while pursuing your inner peace through Zen meditation. Inspire you innate wisdom through the study of ancient Chinese philosophy.

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14 Days Summer Kung Fu & Zen Retreat in Bailu Mountain Zhejiang China