About Kung Fu Zen

Escape the noisy city and hide yourself away in a village at the foot of the mountain of suburb Beijing.

Experience the essence of traditional Kung fu while pursuing your inner peace through Zen meditation.

Inspire your innate wisdom through the study of ancient Chinese philosophy(Classics of Confucianism,Taoism, Buddhism).

Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat, an internationally renowned organization for traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Zen Practice, dedicated to the promotion of traditional Chinese culture through Kung Fu and Zen Practice.

The Masters at Kung Fu Zen believe that the ultimate goal of all Kung Fu styles are the same but the path to achieve that goal may differ. Every style has its own methods for each individuals Kung Fu development - there is no superior style only superior practitioners. You must choose the path that suits you best and train until you get an in-depth understanding to reach your spiritual awakening.

Modern understanding has categorized Kung Fu separately into Internal and External styles which goes against the traditional knowledge of Kung Fu. In fact successful Martial Artists have to have both Internal and External training well developed and fused together.

Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat unite the best masters from each of their traditional lineage to work closely together to bring you the authentic experience of traditional Chinese Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is about more than combat and self-defense. The essence of Kung Fu is the way of health revitalization and mental purification.If you are interested in what Chinese culture has to offer, and wondering how traditional Kung Fu can help with self-healing, internal and external balance, and stress release, look no further. Come and join our “Kung Fu & Zen" retreat in the suburb of Beijing. We are an hour outside the city, but a world away!